Open For Shoots

When September Productions went scouting for a location in which to shoot a spot for Kaps Menswear, it found the perfect space – the offices of once high-flying Houston Herstek Favat.
“We asked for a sleek, modern space with black lacquer,” said Denise Fortƒ, whose agency, Kaupp & Forte, hired September to produce the spot. “When the location scout came back and told me she had found just the right space on Newbury Street, I knew it had to be Houston’s old space.”
Kap, a 100-year-old family-owned retailer with four stores in Greater Boston, has updated its clothing line with designer labels such as Hugo Boss and Armani.
In the spot, which ran last month, a well-dressed, 40-something male executive appears to be either laying off an employee or refusing him a job. “I’m going to be brutally honest here . . . We need people that will really hustle to help clients find the right fit, not conformists who are going to stand around and watch the world go by. You’re just not Kaps material.” The final frame shows a tear running down the face of a mannequin.
Fortƒ said filming in office space where only a skeletal staff remained at the time of the shoot was “eerie and sad.”
“I kept thinking, ‘Geez, I hope this never happens to us.’ “
– Judy Warner