Online Auctioneer Bows TV Spot

Online auction company has launched its first national TV campaign.

A 30-second spot for the Chicago-based company created by Bagby and Co. broke Saturday during a telecast on CBS of an NFL pre-season game.

The commercial attempts to draw a parallel between bidding online and the drama of competitive sports, said uBid senior vice president of marketing Alan Cohen. A man in a football shirt with black grease paint under his eyes enthusiastically bids for products online using uBid.

The tagline is, “ Where you win at paying less.”

“We are targeting males 25 to 40 who are sports fanatics,” Cohen said.

The company’s research reveals that visitors to uBid’s Web site are males who enjoy the competitive nature of out-bidding others, Cohen said.

It’s the first time the four-year-old company has run a TV spot. The opportunity arose from a recent partnership uBid signed with CBS, which now carries a link to uBid. The company claims revenue of $200 million.

Cohen was familiar with Bagby because he used to work with Jim Beam Brands, for which the agency does projects. Previously, uBid only advertised online and creative was handled in-house.