OneSource Is Allergic to Stereotype

ATLANTA OneSource releases its first campaign for Novartis Ophthalmics’ Zaditor today on national cable channels.

Thirty- and 60-second spots for the prescription eye drops will play on Lifetime, Court TV, Discovery Channel, A&E, Fox News and the History Channel nationally, as well as on network affiliates in some markets. A print component will run in People, Time, Newsweek, Health and Sports Illustrated.

OneSource, which has handled creative chores for the Atlanta-based client, picked up the product assignment in mid-2002.

In the spots, shot on a Los Angeles golf course, an allergy sufferer is so perturbed by the itching in his eyes that he pops one eyeball out and rinses it in a ball washer.

The commercial is a departure from most allergy advertising, according to Jamie Turner, executive creative director at the Atlanta agency. Ads in the category tend to focus on the people enjoying the benefits of new treatments or show detailed images of nasal passages.

“Allergies and eye-allergies really change people’s lives,” said Turner. “One thing we kept hearing during concepting was people saying, “I just want to take my eyes out and wash them.'”

Print also employs the eye-rinsing theme, but with a pair of eyeballs in a woman’s hand being held under a faucet of running water. Accompanying copy: “Some people will try anything to stop their eyes from itching. (Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to come to this).”

Campaign spending was undisclosed. Competitors such as Alcon’s Patanol have spent $17-25 million annually since 1998, per CMR.