One From The Heartland

If you have any doubts that advertising is a no-holds-barred business, read Become Strategic–or Die.
Written by two executives at Indianapolis agency Montgomery Zukerman Davis–chairman Bob Montgomery and director of strategic planning Peter Pitts–the book is not for the timid. The title is the first clue; the rendering of the snarling tiger on the cover (shown here) is another.
The introduction alone reads more like a Halloween script than a Marketing 101 textbook. There are chilling quotes from Paul Gauguin (“In order to survive, we have to turn to extremes.”) and Chinese warlord Sun Tzu.
The intro closes with this: “This book is dedicated to the tiger. The Oriental warlords studied the tiger to find out how such a powerful animal planned, maneuvered and waited until the circumstances were just right to kill something quickly and without mercy.”
Yikes. Would you want to go up against these guys in creative shootout?
–Scott Hume