One Agency Goes To Bat

In reality, bats would much prefer to sink their fangs into a bug’s neck than yours. Kind of insulting, isn’t it?”
So reads one of the headlines in Allen & Gerritsen’s offbeat pro bono print and poster campaign for Bat Conservation International in Austin, Texas.
The startling bat photography in the campaign from the Watertown, Mass., ad agency was donated by Martin Tuttle, founder and president of BCI. In one super close-up, a bat sinks its teeth into a millipede. In another, an especially large-eared specimen hovers above a pile of its own dung.
The intent, of course, is to play up the winged mammals’ good points (they pollinate fields and eat “tons” of bothersome insects) and debunk horror movie-inspired misconceptions (bats rarely attack human beings and are not, in a supernatural sense, vampires).
Posters are being shipped to schools and universities worldwide. Ads will likely run as public service insertions in farm and garden publications in the near future. – David Gianatasio