Omnicom Union Yields Corbett Accel

CHICAGO Omnicom is merging its two of its specialty shops, Corbett Healthcare Group and Accel Healthcare Communications, into one global entity, the Corbett Accel Healthcare Group.

The merged company will have offices in New York, Chicago and London, with former Corbett CEO Scott Cotherman and former Accel chairman Risa Bernstein in the same roles at CAHG. The agency will be part of Omnicom’s Diversified Agency Services division.

“The fusion of these two top-performing Omnicom companies is an inspired strategic move that illustrates Omnicom’s support and commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit within its operating companies,” said Diversified Agency Services CEO Tom Harrison in a statement. “This union distinguishes Omnicom from other holding companies with marketing services.”

Corbett Healthcare Group, a direct-to-consumer healthcare agency, was originally formed as a joint venture between Omnicom shops Frank J. Corbett in Chicago and DDB under the moniker DDB Corbett.

Combined billings for the merged entity could not be immediately determined. Corbett Accel will employ about 300 people.