Old Spice “Questions”

Don’t look away from this spot — you’d be missing something great. But do feel just a little sorry for its timing, coming on the non-lady-scented heels of the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercial. TMYMCSL, which sounds like an impressive Roman year but is the acronym for the title of the original, just won the Grand Prix in Film at Cannes and has tallied 12 million views on YouTube while spreading its magic catchphrase — “I’m on a horse!” — worldwide.
In this follow-up clip called “Questions” (or “Showerhead Revisited,” if you will), Isaiah Mustafa again enacts a kitschy female fantasy. His morphing from beachcomber to logroller to kitchen builder to swan diver and, finally, hot tubber, is pretty funny, but lacks the diamond dust of the original.
Just a couple of cavils: The product he holds up next to the shower at the beach looks like sea salt. And the kitchen part comes off as a bit too Brawny Paper Towel Man for my taste. What’s with those khaki shorts?
Still, the ending makes up for everything else, as our man swan dives into a hot tub, which then explodes, Titanic-like, while transforming into a flooded deck, on which Mr. Spice perches shirtless, in wet jeans, straddling a most manly motorcycle. It’s so big, unexpectedly hilarious and covertly (or flagrantly) sexual, it pulls the whole thing together in grand fashion.
In the end, compared with the original, “Questions” is like being Lance Armstrong’s younger brother. Then again, there are worse things to be saddled with. –Barbara Lippert