Odiorne TV Enlivens Cyber Stars Of Electronic Arts’ Video Games

Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners here launched two separate national TV campaigns for Electronic Arts on network and cable stations last week. The spring ad effort, promoting two new video games, is backed by at least $15 million in media support, said sources.
The 15- and 30-second ads feature a cyberversion of Seattle Mariners shortstop Alex Rodriguez, a star of the EA game. “You’ve never seen baseball like this” is the tagline.
The computer-generated Rodri-guez addresses reporters at a press conference, expressing his frustration with being a video game star: “I make huge plays I’m not even on a cereal box!” Supermodel Angie Everhart joins Rodriguez at the podium, gives her “cyberboyfriend” a kiss and says, “Who needs cereal?”
“We wanted to make these cyberathletes come to life,” said agency partner, co-creative director Jeff Odiorne. “The [EA] games have gotten so good, that the players look real, but now they can show off their personality.” OWN&P’s effort for EA’s “Need for Speed III–Hot Pursuit” car chase game broke last week on Fox. The car in the ad and the game is a Lamborghini.