Nyko Movie Player Gets Big Machine Treatment

LOS ANGELES Independent Big Machine Design has produced a 45-second, animated Webisode touting Nyko Technologies’ movie-playback add-on for the iPod, an agency representative said.

The spot showcases the Nyko Movie Player, a pocket-size attachment that allows users to store movies and videos on their mp3 units and watch them via the player’s 3.5-inch color screen.

Hollywood, Calif.-based Big Machine said it was tasked to craft a “stylish and informative” piece highlighting the Movie Player’s role in everyday situations. Because the actual attachment was not yet available in time for the commercial’s production, a BMD creative team headed by agency founder, executive producer Steve Peterson and founder, creative director Ken Carlson relied on a computer-generated 3-D environment to display the product’s ability to enhance daily life.

The Webisode, viewable on the Nyko Web site and at electronics and gaming trade shows, is a Japanimation-influenced cartoon and music video; its hyper-shifting images are complemented with an original pop-punk song. Animated in primary colors with iPod-white accents, the spot shows the Music Player being used in a young man’s bedroom, at the beach and on an airplane. Text at the spot’s conclusion reads, “Anywhere, anytime.”

Susan Corben, marketing director at Nyko, said the spot is accessible via links from related online advertising sites, product reviews and packaging. When the player is ready to hit retail outlets this summer, she said, Nyko will launch additional online and print promotions.

There is not a link from the Apple site at this time, she said.

Already known for its line of gaming accessories, Nyko announced last month that it will begin to offer iPod attachments, starting with the Movie Player in July. Other soon-to-launch products include iBoost, which extends the iPod’s play time, and the iTop, which relocates controls from the side to the top of the unit.