NYC Group Launches Agency Search

NEW YORK — The New York City Economic Development Corporation is looking for firm to develop a Web site and newsletter designed to disseminate information about Lower Manhattan’s recovery.

According to an RFP, issued on behalf of the City of New York, the desired firm will provide a strategy for coordinating and communicating critical information about Lower Manhattan to residents, potential residents, tourists, and area businesses and employees, among other target audiences.

“The area’s businesses, residents and visitors must be informed on a regular basis—and in a consistent fashion—of the many aspects of Lower Manhattan’s recovery,” the RFP states. “A coherent communications strategy will not only provide these constituents with much needed information, but will also restore a sense of confidence in the area as a place to live, work and visit.”

The communications plan intends to address air quality and other environmental concerns, traffic, transportation, infrastructure issues, street and building access, security, temporary and permanent memorials, area events, the status of area development and grants, loans and incentives for businesses and residents.

According to the RFP, which is due back April 18, the chosen firm will be expected to design, launch, host, manage and update the Web site; design, produce and distribute the newsletter; and develop a publicity strategy.

To obtain an RFP, interested firms can submit their name, address and telephone number to Paul Tamboia, assistant vp, contract administration and procurement, via e-mail to (referring to LMC-0302 in the subject line).

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