Not Skirting A Delicate Issue

Creating memorable advertising in an unglamorous category is tough. It is harder still when the issue at hand is bodily functions; in this case, incontinence.
Lehman Millet in Boston has tackled the subject delicately but directly in an ad (shown here) for Uromed’s Impress Softpatch, a new product for women with mild to moderate incontinence. The Softpatch is as “soft as a marshmallow and not much bigger,” according to the copy.
A panty liner is positioned next to the small, white Softpatch. Written over the liner is “Coping,” while “Solving” appears under the new product.
The copy reads, “Impress is designed to act as a gentle barrier. Urine stays in your bladder. You stay dry, clean and odor-free.” The tagline: “Dryness made simple.”
Incontinence is “a much bigger issue than people realize,” said the campaign’s creative director, Deborah Lotterman.
The product is currently being test-marketed in the Midwest and Southeast, with a national rollout anticipated in 1998. Ads broke in September issues of Cosmopolitan, Family Circle and Runner’s World in Florida and Illinois.
-Sarah Jones