Nonprofits, N.E. Center Turn to Brickmill

BOSTON Brickmill has been chosen to create more than 20 direct-mail pieces for a yearlong fund-raising effort on behalf of nonprofit group Habitat for Humanity, which helps to build homes for low-income people nationwide, the agency said.

The independent shop in Nashua, N.H., in recent weeks has also taken on work from several other nonprofits, including the Whitman Walker Clinic, Dakota Indian Foundation and the St. Anthony’s Guild of New York.

In addition, The New England Center, which provides meeting venues and services for corporations, has tapped Brickmill for marketing strategy, design and direct assignments. The shop’s ability “to successfully carry a coherent message through various channels was a major factor” in the client’s decision to bring the agency aboard, said Brenda Mullaney, director of sales and marketing The New England Center.

—Adweek staff report