none too slick

Advertising motor oil to truck drivers can be a dirty job. So who can blame Bulldog Drum mond for a campaign that skips the beauty shots and sexy models?

Instead, the San Diego shop’s new work for industrial-strength Kendall Motor Oil strives to capture life on the road—warts and all. One ad shows half-eaten plates of greasy-spoon food, while another offers a collection of doors from various gas-station men’s rooms.

Perhaps the biggest eyesore is the ad featuring five men in profile, their ample potbellies captured just so. (The shots are from the shoulders down, presumably at the models’ insistence.)

Bulldog Drummond CEO Shawn Parr said the client is trying to cozy up to truckers by evoking images they recognize. The gang of big guts, he said, is not meant to imply that people who like cars are overweight, but rather that they “get up and take their cars for a run and not themselves.”

Parr said the truckers will respond by saying, “Hey look, this brand understands my life. I should buy this brand.”