No Vehicles in O&M’s New Ads for Sears’ DieHard

Instead of Traditional Torture Tests, Focus Is on Jumper Cables
CHICAGO–Ogilvy & Mather moves away from depicting dramatic “torture tests” in a campaign for Sears Roebuck & Company’s DieHard car batteries that breaks today.
“We thought it was time to find a new way to portray DieHard,” said Linda Garrison, general manager of the agency’s Chicago office. “You still get a sense of the stature and leadership of the brand.”
The new effort depicts the different ways DieHard owners use their no-longer-needed jumper cables.
The spots show jumper cable clips being used as clothespins, to hold down a tarp and to secure a ranch gate. “Know how to spot a DieHard battery owner? Look for their jum-per cables,” says a voiceover. “How much do you trust your battery?”
The spots conclude with Sears’ tagline, “The good life at a great price guaranteed.” The campaign will air on network and cable television.
The campaign dovetails Sears’ introduction earlier this year of the DieHard Security battery, which doubles as a car security system. A television spot from O&M for the battery showed a car thief thwarted by the battery’s security system.
The new campaign is expected to run through the remainder of DieHard’s advertising year, Garrison said. “We devoted a lot of time to launching [the DieHard Security] product,” Garrison said. “Now, we need to reinforce the mother brand.”
Sears last year spent $10 million advertising its DieHard batteries, according to Competitive Media Reporting. This year’s spending is expected to be slightly higher because of the DieHard Security introduction, Garrison said. K