No Morals? No Problem! Penthouse magazine is trying to ride what it believes is a sea change against political correctness with a new campaign from Avrett, Free & Ginsberg.

Themed “The new morality,” the campaign kicks off this week and will be backed by $1-2 million in spending.
The New York shop’s ads feature racy headlines such as “Howard Stern, Tiger Woods, Deion Sanders. Another climax for Penthouse.” The new tagline will appear in all future ads (one is shown here).
Anti-PC radio spots for the September issue have a voiceover from publisher Bob Guccione, with lines such as “repeated exposure to Penthouse could boil your brains.”
Guccione said he came up with the theory of a “new morality” after observing a recent “backlash” against political correctness and a looser attitude toward sex. “The sexual revolution never ended,” he said. “This is the revolution’s second wind.”