Nielsen Debuts ‘Fusion’ With Sony

Nielsen provided a top-line look at some of the new metrics produced by NielsenConnect’s new NielsenConnections service that could change or at least complement traditional TV ratings currency. Working with Sony Pictures Television, Nielsen used a methodology called fusion to report how buyers of specific consumer packaged goods consume SPT’s syndicated programming and related Internet content.

Advertisers have long desired measurements of media audiences that go beyond one-dimensional age and sex demographic ratings to include purchase behavior. But single-source research, a holy grail in media and marketing research, which measures multiple-media habits and tracks product purchase behavior from a sigle panel, is a costly proposition as Nielsen and Arbitron discovered with Project Apollo. Lacking sufficient financial support from advertisers, the two shut down the ambitious service earlier this year.

The new NielsenConnections service provides a more cost-effective substitute for single source research. By fusing multiple media and product purchase databases, NielsenConnections quantifies media audiences beyond age and sex demographics to include purchase behavior.

“Through research like this, we are addressing advertisers’ requests for accountability and innovation by providing new and better metrics that are even more directly related to their businesses and customers,” said Amy Carney president of advertiser sales for SPT.

“Ultimately, we hope to create a better understanding of the true value of our properties and the ROI it provides clients.”

SPT is the first TV studio to adopt two fusion products recently launched and announced Monday (June 23) by Nielsen: NielsenConnections’ Brand Target Audience: Consumer Packaged Goods; and NielsenConnections’ Brand Target Audience: Pharmaceutical.

Based on the fusing of Nielsen’s consumer Homescan panel with its national people meter TV panel and Nielsen Online’s NetView panel, NielsenConnections found that SPT’s TV and Internet properties reach households that account for $346 billion in annual spending for consumer packaged goods products, 83.2 percent of the total consumer spending in packaged goods.

The analysis also found that the average household reached by SPT TV or Internet spend more than $3,700 a month, 7 percent more than non-SPT households. Those homes that are exposed to both SPT TV and the Internet spend even more, about $4,200 a month, 20 percent higher than households not reached by SPT properties.

In addition to providing SPT with metrics about individual SPT programs and Web sites, NielsenConnections also provided SPT with an unduplicated audience estimate across its media platforms, by demographic and by the advertiser’s marketing target.