Nick Offerman Trolled CES by Helping to Unveil a ‘Device Like No Other’

You might recognize this 'sentiment-delivery system'

LAS VEGAS—Nick Offerman, noted actor and woodworker, is not exactly known as a high-tech pioneer. So, it shouldn't be too surprising that his appearance at CES this week turned out to have a significant plot twist. 

Offerman was enlisted to help unveiled a #DeviceLikeNoOther—one that was billed as "ultrathin, has unlimited memory and offers more meaningful ways to connect than ever thought possible."

But then came time for the reveal:

Yes, once again, American Greetings has crashed a tech conference to promote a decidedly analog experience—the sending of paper greeting cards. The brand, and agency MullenLowe, did a similar thing at SXSW last March.

The #DeviceLikeNoOther concept is also reminiscent of the fun Ikea "Bookbook" campaign from a few years ago that promoted the paper Ikea catalog as a high-tech device.

As part of its CES activation, American Greetings gave attendees the chance to customize limited-edition CES greeting cards with American Greetings illustrators and writers. Randi Zuckerberg was also on hand as another endorser.

"I was sincerely honored to be asked to represent the venerated sentiment-delivery system known as the greeting card by American Greetings," Offerman said. "In my family, we rely on cards to signify moments of great magnitude as well as just simple affection, a warm practice I am happy to share with my fellow Americans."

"Some people may think that instant digital messaging has replaced handwritten expression, like digital cameras did for film," added Alex Ho, executive director of marketing for American Greetings. "But consumers are now seeking ways to connect more meaningfully and differently with the people that matter most, which is why our category remains stable alongside the rise of smartphones, messaging apps and social media. American Greetings is at CES to celebrate that coexistence with digital technology."

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