N&H Shows Its Street Smarts

Nasuti & Hinkle took to the streets to create a new membership campaign for the City Mu-seum of Washington, D.C.

The Silver Spring, Md., shop sent local photographer Ira Wexler into Washington with about 60 signs, each with a phrase readily recognizable to residents.

Wexler was accompanied by N&H partner Woody Hinkle and art director Barbara Scardino, who asked passersby to select a sign with which to be photographed.

The resulting print, transit and in-theater campaign, breaking Dec. 18, pictures area residents displaying personal “touchstones” of the city and the effort’s tagline, “It’s about the city you know.” One execution shows a father and son holding a “Sugar Ray Leonard” placard. Another sign reads, “9:30 Club.”

“Our general guideline was that if it was significant to us, but a tourist from Iowa would be almost totally clueless, it was perfect for our campaign,” said Scardino.

“We love the way the connection between the people and the signs they chose came through in the photography,” said Barbara Franco, president of the Historical Society of Washington, which is funding the construction of the museum. The facility is scheduled to open in May.

Spending for the fundraising campaign was not disclosed.