New Titan Ads at Hand

Thomas & Perkins Touting Craftsmanship
LOS ANGELES–Denver agency Thomas & Perkins emphasizes the craftsmanship that goes into every Titan Motorcycle in its first ads for the client.
The 4-year-old Phoenix company launches a national print campaign in March issues of national motorcycle trade publications and general interest men’s magazines, including Esquire, Icon, Popular Mechanics and Men’s Journal. Three ads are slated to rotate through November.
A departure from Titan’s previous effort, and from other ads in the category, which usually feature bikes in outdoor settings, the new work tries to capture the essence of the specialty motorcycles as expressed through the people who build them. Each ad centers on an image of a hand. In one execution, it is open to show the palm, with black lines indicating the life line, heart line, fate line and so on. Off to the right, text reads, “No assembly line.”
Additional copy reads, “Our bikes are not built in a factory with conveyor belts. There are no robotic arms. Each Titan is built entirely by the hands of one man.” The tag, “One man. One bike,” refers to “the way the bikes are built and the individual feeling of a Titan rider,” said copywriter Alexia Milner.
The bikes retail for $30,000 and up, and are produced in a limited quantity as they are hand-built. Only 1,200 were made last year.
The agency won the estimated $3 million account last September.