New Tack For Prudential

Families remain the focus of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners’ new TV spots for Prudential HealthCare, but the shop has abandoned the testimonial approach of last year’s campaign.
In its place are a series of commercials involving the fictitious Gennaro family.
One 60-second commercial promotes a beeper for “expectant” fathers. As Joey Gennaro receives gifts at a baby shower from his co-workers at the family furniture business, his beeper goes off, informing him that his wife, Linda, is in labor. Of course, he makes it to the hospital in time.
Another ad touts Prudential’s offer of bicycle helmets for $10. It features Linda complaining to her mother, apparently about her son’s refusal to wear a bike helmet: “Finally, I said, ‘No helmet, no bike. Period.’ ” The camera cuts to Linda’s father riding a bicycle with his grandchildren. All are wearing helmets. The spots are untagged.
“Our whole thrust here is to become [an] advocate” for Prudential’s five million health plan members, said Doug Kronenberg, vice president of marketing at the Roseland, N.J.-based client. The first spots broke last week and will run through May. Two more are planned for fall. The client expects to spend $20 million this year on the TV-only campaign.
Kirshenbaum’s first spot for the client in October featured a mother describing how she felt after hearing her son was in a bicycle accident. Her anguish turns to relief when she hears he was wearing a helmet. The New York shop won the account in 1996.