New R&R Ads Heavy on Glitz

Glitzy special effects replace the standard category scenes of happy gamblers tossing dice in a new campaign from R&R Partners that attempts to attract a hip, urban crowd to the MotorCity Casino in Detroit.

The effort introduces the tagline, “The pulse of Detroit” for the casino, which is owned and operated by Detroit Entertainment, a joint venture of Atwater Casino Group in Detroit and Las Vegas-based Mandalay Resort Group.

Three 30-second TV spots from the Las Vegas agency feature 3-D animation and are set to an original, upbeat score. Each uses a distinct color scheme—gold, blue or green—for shots of animated cityscapes and muscle cars.

One execution opens with a blue car. It shifts to a young woman standing in front of large, cylindrical buildings, which become a stack of betting chips inside the casino. Geometric patterns are used to transition from animation to live shots.

The casino’s competition includes the MGM Grand Detroit Casino and the Greektown Casino in Detroit, as well as the Casino Windsor in Windsor, Ontario.

“The others are big, sprawling places,” said Arnie DiGeorge, shop creative director. “MotorCity is on four floors, there’s a little bit more energy, and it’s a more intimate, hip, cool, clubby place.”

Spending on the effort, which includes radio, print and outdoor, was estimated by sources at $3 million.