New life, Same atTitude

For Los Angeles residents, the ads were almost impossible to miss—and a bit hard to figure out.

Prior to last week’s opening of a huge entertainment and retail complex named Hollywood & Highland, the city was blanketed with an outdoor campaign touting the 1.2 million-square-foot facility, which includes 60 shops and a new theater that will host the Oscars.

One ad shows a stone-faced gal getting out of a car with the headline “Next stop stardom.” Then there’s one with a sunglasses-at-night guy raising his hand to conjure the image of a star shooing away paparazzi. The copy reads, “Premiere yourself.”

If the ads seem a tad bizarre for what is basically a gussied-up shopping mall, there’s a reason. The material was recycled from a failed dot-com called

“It was a revivable campaign that had been dead and buried,” said copywriter Treva Brandon, who worked with art di rector Joseph Suarez and photographer Greg Henry.

“Shortly after we created the work, the dot-com went away,” Brandon said. “We thought it was so fan tastic, sexy, smart and intriguing. Now we’re finally getting paid for it.”