New Campaigns: Western

Client: Columbia Sportswear, Portland, Ore.
Agency: Borders, Perrin and Norrander, Portland, Ore.
Creative Director: Terry Schneider
Senior Art Director: Kent Suter
Senior Writer: John Heinsma
Photography: R.J. Muna, Steve Bonini and Michael Jones
Borders, Perrin and Norrander’s new work for Columbia Sportswear combines images of the great cold outdoors with gentle humor about the company’s waterproof and weatherproof apparel and shoes. One ad shows a rainstorm and a product shot of Columbia’s North Rim parka. The headline is, “If it can take a good day in Oregon, it can take a bad day anywhere.” The text reads, “When people think of Oregon, they think of rain. But there’s so much more we have to offer. There’s winds, bone-chilling snowstorms and let’s not forget the occasional explosion of volcanic ash.” Another ad suggests the Donner party could have met with a better fate had they owned Columbia’s Silcox boots. A third compares Columbia’s fleece liner to the warmth of the womb. -Angela Dawson

Client: Great Western Bank, Chatsworth, Calif.
Agency: Bozell Worldwide, Costa Mesa, Calif.
Creative Directors: Harvey Hoffenberg and Scott Montgomery
Copywriter: Diedre Fitzpatrick
Art Director: Eric Spiegler
Bozell targets bank customers who are tired of hidden checking account fees in a new campaign for Great Western Bank. The campaign focuses on the asterisk, indicating extra fees, that often appears in other banks’ ads. One ad features a can of what appears to be bug spray but is in fact “Asterisk Zapper.” The text reads, “Kills Fine Print Dead.” Another ad shows an asterisk flattened by a flyswatter.
-Teresa Buyikian