New Campaigns: Southwest

Client: Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, Texas

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas

Art Director: Jim Baldwin

Copywriter: Marshall Twinam

Producer: Leslie Chesler

Golfer Tiger Woods tries on a green Masters jacket and professional basketball player Michael Jordan battles ‘toons in Space Jam advertisements. So what exactly can a thoroughbred horse expect as its reward for daring greatness? Elementary, declares a gruff-sounding Mr. Ed in the first television commercial by The Richards Group for the new Class A Lone Star Park horse racing facility. ‘When I win, I get a nice rubdown, a commemorative photograph, a silver souvenir cup . . . and a big ol’ bag of oats.’ Sympathetically, the ‘horse’ voiceover also mentions what’s in it for the track patron: ‘All you’re getting is money.’ One winner’s circle perk the narrator fails to mention is a lifetime of post-career studding, although that is not quite the thinking when heading into the homestretch, we suppose. The commercial, which broke prior to the track’s April 17 live racing debut, is airing on local network television stations and area cable TV programming. –Glen Fest


Client: Origin, Austin, Texas

Agency: T3, Austin

Creative Director: Rob Buck

Art Director: David Horridge

Copywriter: Jonathan Balser

Photographer: David Omer

It will not take any special trips into extra-sensory dimensions to understand what the client’s new Privateer 2 CD-ROM game is all about. A magazine advertisement produced by Austin agency T3 lays it all out at one’s fingertips–and other normal facets of human interaction. One can ‘smell’ fear, ‘taste’ sweet victory, ‘see’ who to trust, ‘hear’ footsteps and, most important of all, ‘touch’ the hair trigger of a Kraven McIV Laser. OK, so that last one may be difficult to imagine. But for gamers who were awaiting the follow-up to the successful Privateer game by the Electronic Arts-owned Origin, their eyes lit up over recent issues of PC Gamer and Computer Gaming News in which the agency placed the lengthy execution across six consecutive pages. ‘A new face. A new story. A new place. Strap in tight and embark on the ultimate space combat, trading experience. The long-awaited sequel is here,’ boasts the over-the-top copy. –G.F.


Client: Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, Austin, Texas

Agency: TKO, Austin

Creative Director: James Walker

Copywriter: Raul Garza

Art Director: Ian Stahl

Photographer: David Omer

Texas’ state capital is one of the few cities with nerve enough to approve a tourism marketing plug like ‘Where 19th century architecture meets 20th century partying.’ But that is Austin–a town seemingly without facade and a place warmly called home by both Republican state legislators and alternative rock bands. So the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau reflects that symbiosis by marketing the city just as it exists: as a conundrum of varying interests happily sharing space in their chic melting pot. Local creative shop TKO continues the warm-but-we’re-not-Disney marketing approach in a new summer-long series of print advertisements, dubbed ‘Austin Charm,’ that target the seasonal traveler with placements appearing in magazines such as Texas Monthly and Southern Living. Charm, by the way, is promoted as an acronym (‘Culture, Heritage, Art, Recreation, Music’) where, like the city, all the ingredients spell out a single intangible. –G.F.

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