New Campaigns

Client: The Connecticut Office of Tourism
Agency: O’Neal & Prelle, Hartford, Conn.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Richard Gamer
Art Director: Robin Hall
The latest campaign from the Connecticut Office of Tourism touts the Nutmeg State as an appealing destination for couples and families. Gov. John Rowland and his wife, Patty, once again appear as spokespeople and describe the southern New England state’s various attractions.
Created by O’Neal & Prelle, the broadcast and print effort targets families looking for a fun time and couples seeking a place to get away from it all. The tagline, “Connecticut. We’re full of surprises,” is the same one from previous campaigns fashioned by the Hartford, Conn., agency for the state’s tourism division.
Television and print executions are scheduled to run through the summer in the Greater New York market, which includes New Jersey and Long Island, N.Y. Agency executives estimated media spending at $2.2 million.
–Sarah Jones

Client: EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass.
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass.
Creative Directors: Paul Silverman, Amy Watt
Copywriter: Paul Silverman
Art Director: Amy Watt
Producer: Sarah Monaco
A 30-second spot from computer storage maker EMC shows what can happen when a business unleashes the power of information.
In the ad, employees of an opulent hotel have laptops that give them access to details about each customer’s preferences. When a bellhop tells a woman that she likes to get the Paris papers and steak tartare for her dog, the guest smiles and whispers to her pooch, “Oh, Coco. They know.” The tagline, “The EMC effect,” is followed by a final line: “It’s not bad for tips, either.”
Part of a $15 million broadcast and print campaign, the spot broke two weeks ago on network sports and cable news programs and will continue to run on CNN as well as EMC-sponsored golf events. –Sarah Jones