New Campaigns

Client: Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis
Agency: Waylon Ad, St. Louis Creative
Director: Kipp Monroe
Copywriter: Kipp Monroe
Art Directors: Carol Zesch, Jonathan Caponi
Waylon Ad sought a south-of-the-border feel for outdoor ads backing Tequiza, a tequila and lime-spiked beer Anheuser-Busch is introducing in Texas, New Mexico, New York and Florida.
Creatives were influenced by 1950s and ’60s movie poster art in creating the black silhouette of a whip-wielding hombre against a distant mesa, all backed by an eye-fetching red background, creative director Kipp Monroe said.
The tagline, “Give it a shot,” referring to the hint of blue agave in every bottle, is reinforced with copy urging drinkers to “crack the whip on boring beer.” Further copy suggests that “tequila never went down easier than it does with Tequiza,” a beer with “a taste that takes you by surprise. Then keeps you coming back.”
“It’s kind of hard-core, he’s kind of a hard-core guy, walking with a whip,” Monroe said of the silhouetted figure. Radio spots, which feature spaghetti western-type music, and print executions complement the outdoor boards.
Tequiza contains a hint of tequila, but its alcohol content keeps it within the malt beverage group and subject to that category’s ad guidelines. Waylon Ad has done project work for A-B’s Budweiser and Busch brands, as well as new products. –Trevor Jensen

Client: Empress Casino, Hammond, Ind.
Agency: Jordan Tamraz Caruso Advertising, Chicago Executive
Creative Director: Ron Mondlock Creative Director/Art
Director: Todd Ford Creative
Director/Copywriter: Allan Woodrow Copywriter: Dave Tobey
Art Director: Mark Gierszewski Director: Joe Scudiero for Champ Films, Chicago
Music: Hummingbird Productions, Nashville
Men and women want to have fun, too, but some may have forgotten how. For such rat-racers, Jordan Tamraz Caruso imagines a cure, the “Fun School,” in a 30-second spot for Empress Casino. With the guidance of a patient instructor, the reticent adults slowly come out of their shells, learning the nuances of “Whoop!” and “Yeah!” A second spot, “Food Fun,” combines foodstuff and gambling. Both use a new tagline, “‘Cause you can never have too much fun.” –Scott Hume