New Campaigns

Client: DeScenza Diamonds, Boston
Agency: Haggman, Manchester, Mass.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Eric Haggman
Art Director: Amy Farr
Photographer: David Zadig
Haggman’s first campaign for DeScenza Diamonds capitalizes on the retailer’s history in the Boston market. Two commercials–the client’s first foray into TV–carry the new tagline, “Now is the time. This is the place.” One spot features a young man shopping for an engagement ring as a voiceover begins, “Since 1915, more marriages have started here than you can ever imagine.” The scene shifts to a restaurant, where the man’s girlfriend opens a small box and begins kissing her now-fiance. The voiceover continues, “Not to mention the countless instances of inappropriate behavior.” Three print ads accompany the spots. One execution, promoting the opening of a store in Peabody, Mass., features a couple embracing. The headline reads, “Reason number 1 to buy DeScenza: Love.” –Sarah Jones
Client: Symantec Corp., Cupertino, Calif.
Agency: Partners & Simons, Boston
Creative Directors: Tom Simons, Jeff Billig
Copywriter: Jeff Billig
Art Director: Anthony Henriques
Partners & Simons has unveiled its first print campaign for Symantec. One execution, for the client’s Norton AntiVirus software, features a large syringe and the headline: “Our secret: we kill the virus before it’s born.” The ad targets sales representatives and information technology executives, said creative director Jeff Billig.
“The whole virus issue has been around for so long that people assume they have something that covers it,” Billig explained. “Symantec has some pretty remarkable things to [prevent viruses], like full-time staff whose only job is to track down viruses.”
Spending was not disclosed, although the budget was estimated at $3-5 million. –Sarah Jones
Client: YWCA, Boston
Agency: Irma S. Mann, Strategic Marketing, Boston
Creative Director: John Hamilton
Art Director: Bethany Navarro
Copywriter: Michelle Barker
In a pro bono poster and direct mail campaign for the YWCA of Boston, Irma S. Mann, Strategic Marketing doesn’t shrink from the harsh realities many women face in their daily lives. One ad shows women of color at a track meet with the text, “We can also give her the power to run past the barriers of race.” In another execution, a little leaguer tosses a baseball toward home plate. The copy: “We can teach her to play political hardball, too.” The Boston shop developed a new tagline for the effort: “For girls. For women. For change.” –David Gianatasio