A ‘New’ Agency Hits The Beach

It’s only a few weeks old, but Lois USA’s new Chicago agency, Fogarty Klein 312, is already credited with the new Corona Extra beer campaign.
The $13 million Corona account, through importer Barton Beers, had been at the former Lois/EJL. But that agency was split in two, creating Lois Chicago and a new agency under Lois’ Fogarty Klein & Partners banner. (The added 312 refers to the downtown Chicago area code.) Corona went with the latter, staffed by what remains of the former Eisaman, Johns & Laws.
The TV spots continue the tropical theme that has pushed the Mexican beer into the top import position. All set on a beach, one starts with a closeup of a broken watch and a note from “Liz,” setting a meeting for 5 p.m. The camera pans back to show a man in a beach chair next to a Corona bottle in the sand that’s serving as a sundial. With the bottle’s shadow at 5, a shapely woman’s shadow appears.
The tagline remains, “Change your whole lattitude.”
–Trevor Jensen