Net News from the Office

Jupiter Media Metrix, the New York-based Internet research company, reports that, as in past years, Net usage at home is increasing during the summer, while at-work usage is decreasing. Time spent on the Net, according to JMM, increased 4.1 percent at home from May to June, while usage decreased 3.7 percent at work.

But just so you don’t think workers have abandoned their office PCs, Nielsen NetRatings weighs in with a new study showing that no matter how often people are using the Web at home, they are still using it quite a bit at work, too. The Milpitas, Calif.-based Net research company’s report indicates that, compared to this time a year ago, online usage at the office is up across the board.

Observe these numbers: in June 2000, office workers visited an average of 28 unique sites for the month; in June 2001, that number jumped to 35. In June 2000, office workers logged onto the Internet an average of 39 times for the month and spent about 20 hours online; in June 2001, they logged on an average of 43 times and stayed on for roughly 22 hours.

–Internet users at work appear to be, well, working. Fastest growing sites for office workers were corporate information sites, whose audience increased 49 percent in June compared to last year, followed by finance sites, with an audience spike of 42 percent.

–Which is not to say it’s all work and no play. Office workers still felt the need to get away from it all: travel sites, as usual, proved popular, with an audience increase of 31 percent over the year before.–Sid Ross

Sources: Jupiter Media Metrix and Nielsen NetRatings