NBA’s Bryant Drafted For Big ‘N Tasty

McDonald’s has tapped NBA all-star Kobe Bryant to launch its new Big N’ Tasty sandwich, a burger with lettuce and tomato set to hit restaurants Feb. 16, and then to sell for 99 cents under introductory pricing effective March 2-11.

Bryant, who recently signed a three-year endorsement deal with the chain, stars in two spots. One, from DDB Chicago, shows an arena of fans chanting for a missing Bryant, who is then seen enjoying a Big N’ Tasty in the locker room and “shooting” the wrapper toward the wastebasket.

The second, from African-American specialty shop Burrell Communications Group, Chicago, shows Bryant negotiating with his agent – seemingly over money but actually over how to split Kobe’s Big N’ Tasty.

Bryant also will be featured in full-page print ads in February and March issues of Time, Sports Illustrated, People and Entertainment Weekly.