There’s a new Pagano at Pagano Schenck & Kay.
Assistant art director Adam Pagano insists he’s not related to former president Bob Pagano, but staffers at the Boston shop would swear otherwise. It seems Adam bears a striking resemblance to the agency co-founder, who left in 1997 to join Mullen, Wenham, Mass.
Executive creative director Woody Kay said he suspects there may be a connection to Bob somewhere in Adam’s family tree. “He just won’t admit it,” Kay said.
Adam, a Queens, N.Y., native, said he joked about his name when trying to land a job at the agency last year as a senior at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology. He wrote a letter to Bob Pagano that began, “Bob, remember me from Aunt Lisa’s reunion?”
When Kay saw Adam’s resumƒ, he said the name “certainly made me look twice,” but it was his portfolio and personality that earned him the position.
Still, when Kay takes new clients on agency tours, he introduces Adam as the new Pagano. “I can truthfully tell people that the guy with his name on the door works on every piece of business,” Kay said. –Lauren Wiley