with a name like that …

There are some strange agency names out there, but nobody has as much fun with theirs as Robaire and Hogshead.
Run by much-admired creatives Jean Robaire and Sally Hogshead, the Venice, Calif., boutique isn’t lacking for cool self-promo merchandise. T-shirts featuring a drawing of a rowboat with a bear in it (row-bear, get it?) and a hog’s head on the front are in great demand among L.A. agency folks. And it doesn’t stop there. Robaire’s business card includes the message “Please don’t send mail to Ms. Jean Robaire. He hates that.” And Sally’s card reads, “A hogshead is a barrel that holds 62 gallons. So what’s your last name, smartass?” Callers to the agency even hear real hog calling instead of music when they’re put on hold.
“We have clients call us just to be put on hold so that they can listen to the calls on speakerphone,” said Hogshead.
–Jack Feue