naked fish gets exposure

A fishy commercial from a newly formed Chicago agency is making waves in the Bay State.

Produced by The Lumber Company, the spot for Naked Fish, a seafood chain based in Woburn, Mass., stars agency principal and actor Rich Talarico, an alumnus of Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe.

The commercial plays off the chain’s name by having a man go up to several co-workers and ask them if they want to “get naked tonight.” He receives only confused stares until he makes the offer to a man in the restroom, who enthusiastically agrees. Of course, he’s really just inviting his office mates out for dinner.

The Lumber Company picked up the business through a contact at Schafer Condon Carter, which holds a stake in the new agency. Lumber Company principals are Talarico, director Leroy Koetz and former Leo Burnett copywriter Chris Shaw.