M/W Broadens Target in Latest Polaris TV Work

Martin/Williams positions snowmobiling as a family activity in its new advertising for Polaris Industries, which previously targeted its core male audience.

“We wanted to be sure we were depicting the social rider,” said Ed Dziedzic, an ac count manager at the Minneapolis agency.

Breaking in Minnesota this week, a TV spot depicts a family wolfing down a large meal as the snow falls outside. The family—from grandma to the youngest child—leaves the table uncleared and in a hurry. They’re off to the snowmobile trails.

Previous TV work from Minneapolis-based Polaris took a similar tack but showed only men abandoning their pursuits to go snowmobiling. In one spot, for instance, pallbearers drop a casket on the steps of a church when the snow starts to fly.

“We weren’t addressing the fe male market [in previous efforts],” Dziedzic said.

The new campaign is “not meant to target women, it’s meant to include them,” Dziedzic said. “We wanted to [show that] no one needed to be left behind. It’s an untapped market.”

The new spot continues Polaris’ two-year-old tag, “The way out.” Print work addresses the escapist tag more directly with pristine shots of snow-covered fields and headlines such as “Grip the handlebars tight. Let go of everything else.”

Later this month, the TV campaign will air in regional markets in the northern U.S. and Canada. Print will run in the October is sues of enthusiast magazines.

Financial support is expected to be in line with the $1 million Polaris spent ad vertising its snowmobiles last year, Dziedzic said. According to CMR, Polaris paid $8 million to market all of its products in 2000.