Mullen to Run ‘Product First’ Work

Mullen breaks its first campaign for PTC this week.

The effort introduces the theme, “Product First,” which illustrates the Needham, Mass.-based client’s mission to help manufacturers build great products. PTC develops “product life cycle management” (PLM) software that coordinates all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Spending is estimated at $10-15 million.

Two ads, breaking on Wednesday, target senior executives at manufacturing companies. Each shows graphics of the different products that use PTC’s software, such as Cannondale bicycles, Herman Miller ergonomic chairs and a variety of telecom, audio and automotive equipment.

In one execution, large type reads, “1996: ERP. 1998: CRM. 2000: SCM. 2002: S.O.S.”

The timeline, according to Car oline Bishop, vp, account director at Wenham, Mass.-based Mullen, describes technology initiatives that were “hot” in different years: enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain management. Now, Bishop said, companies wonder about the value of these systems.

In the other ad, headline copy reads, “Given that your corporate life may soon come down to your implementation of PLM, wouldn’t it be nice to know what PLM is?” The tagline: “The way to Product First.”

The ads are running in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Fortune and IndustryWeek.

Mullen picked up the account earlier this year [Adweek, March 18]. Previously, Philip Johnson Associates in Cambridge, Mass., handled advertising for PTC.