Mullen Makes Moves

Joe Grimaldi last week was elevated to president of Mullen at the agency’s fourth-quarter company meeting. Also, Sheila Leyne and Peter Greer last week were named co-directors of Mullen Public Relations.
Grimaldi, who joined the Wenham, Mass.-based agency in 1982, will retain the title of chief operating officer. Jim Mullen will remain chief executive officer.
“My theory is when someone is doing at least 50 percent of a job, it’s the right time to reward them for the other 50 percent,” Mullen said. “My actions are really just catching up with reality. I have no intentions of moving away from the business. It just makes sense to diversify leadership.”
Mullen cited the agency’s 25 percent growth rate last year and the industry’s “increasing complexity” as reasons for Grimaldi’s promotion.
“It’s flattering and something I’ve wanted for a long time,” Grimaldi said. “It will be different, but there will be no monumental shifting of who does what. The agency has really arrived at a new level of growth and structural complexity, and there’s room enough at the top for two full-time jobs,” he added.
Leyne, a seven-year veteran, and Greer, who arrived in 1988, had been vice presidents and account directors. Both will share overall administrative duties while overseeing separate practice areas.
Leyne’s account responsibilities are mainly in the consumer arena. They include Malden Mills, Osram Sylvania, Boston Market and K2 inline skates. Greer will continue his high-tech focus, heading up the Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group and Planet Direct accounts.
“To some degree, we’ve been doing this job for some time,” Greer said. “We’ve worked together for a long time and have a deep respect for each other.”
Mullen’s public relations arm was established in 1980. It has 25 employees and accounts for 14 percent of the agency’s total business.