Moroch Tailors Phone’s Messages to Media

DALLAS Moroch Leo Burnett USA breaks a new print campaign promoting Uniden’s 5.8 GHz cordless phone. The first insertion will appear in Sports Illustrated‘s Sept. 15 issue, the agency said.

The Dallas shop’s latest series of ads for the client continues an effort that first broke last October. The previous work used racy humor to introduce the cordless phone and gear up for last year’s key selling season. Jim Sykora, executive creative director for the shop, said the campaign continues to do well because the ads speak to a wide audience, both male and female.

“These ads appeal to every upscale, high-tech consumer,” Sykora said. “For the cutting-edge male, the phone is the latest toy they have to have. For the female, the phone’s sense of design and orange display are aesthetically appealing.”

The ads feature a close-up view of the phone’s faceplate. Different messages like “Never a bad call,” “If only the economic forecast was this clear” and “So much clarity, you might understand your girlfriend” appear onscreen.

“We tried to make the phone the hero of the ad,” Sykora said. “The phone not only has a striking image, but hopefully it’s talking in a language that appeals directly to you.”

The shop also created an ad for Uniden’s two-way GMRS radio, which has a seven-mile range and is equipped with a power-boost button, weather channel and five call tones. The ad shows a skier jumping off a snowy cliff. As the skier is suspended in midair, copy reads, “Because getting seven miles away from your party can happen a whole lot faster than you think.”

Sykora said the shop continues to direct the ad messages at the readership of the magazines in which the work appears. In addition to the Sept. 15 SI, the ads are slated to run in upcoming issues of FHM, Maxim Movies, Business Week, Men’s Journal, Stuff and Razor. Maxim Movies is a seasonal film guide supplement released by Maxim magazine.

Moroch estimated campaign spending to be $3-5 million.