The Morning After

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, the best way to conquer a fear may be to yield to it.
That’s the idea behind Nike’s new 60-second TV spot, which broke on national networks last week. It’s another evolution in the “Just do it” campaign from Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore., and wholeheartedly embraces the cataclysmic expectations surrounding Y2K.
Directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich), the spot shows a man waking up on Jan. 1 suffering from a hangover. He does a series of stretches to prepare for his daily run.
Jogging through the chaos that Y2K has wrought, our hero remains impervious to the civil unrest around him, which includes car crashes, ATM raids and looting.
Like any good Nike customer, he remains dedicated to his workout.
“We’re like everybody else. We’re sick of this Y2K hype,” said Nike representative Scott Reames. “We couldn’t resist.”
–Kathleen Sampey