Monster Reads Vital Signs

NEW YORK What’s your job sign? That’s the question hopes to help jobseekers answer in a new interactive tool available on its site. It’s one of those applications that lets you upload your photo, answer a few questions, and see what your professional personality may be. “Once you know your cosmic tendencies you may transcend them … if you want,” beckons the site. Questions include “What’s winning the battle for your soul?” as users are asked to choose between a clock and a moneybag on a seesaw, and what would you do if you were e-mailed a picture of your co-worker napping during an overtime shift? There’s even a Where’s Waldo-style hunt for the job site’s Monster mascot, hidden in an underwater scene. The site classifies users as one of nine humorous profiles, including Rebel of the Roundtable, Job Jester, Corporate Cockroach and Bossling. Not sure how useful the personality profile actually is to someone on the job hunt, but it is a fun way to spend some time while looking. And you can even send your funky new customized profile, with your picture plopped into a Tarot-card-like image, to friends. (And even potential bosses, though they might not appreciate it as much.) Maine-based Via crafted the effort.