Model Behavior

Nearly 200 color head shots appear in a recent outdoor ad for The Fine Living Channel from Miami agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The multitude of faces—most smiling, some deadpan, one yawning—appear in a grid (a detail is shown here) with copy that states, “God didn’t go through the trouble of making us this unique just so we could go to the mall.”

The ad is certainly eye-catching, but upon closer examination, Shoptalk flagged some familiar faces. It turns out that many of the “unique” mugs have something in common: They belong to folks who work for CP+B, or know people who do. “Yes, it’s true,” says the ad’s creative director, Sally Hogshead. “It’s not just the staff of our Miami office. The cleaning people, the guy who waters the plants—they’re all there.”

Hogshead, who works out of the agency’s Los Angeles office, says she had no trouble finding volunteers for the gig, even though it didn’t pay. And while many of the shots aren’t particularly flattering, she admits that she was certain of getting a good shot of Chuck Porter, who is seen with a warm smile and a slight head tilt. “Well of course if you are going to use your chairman in an ad like this, you’d better make sure it’s an attractive photo,” says Hogshead.