Mirant Selects Trone

Trone Atlanta has captured Mirant’s $12 million account.

The Atlanta-based energy supplier, spun off from the Southern Company utility last fall, chose Trone over Atlanta rivals Cole Henderson Drake and WestWayne.

“Trone brought creative capability and strategic thinking but also a focus on local personnel and the ability to provide the kind of focus we’re looking for,” said Lisa Johnson, vice president of corporate external affairs at Mirant.

“We need to work with someone who wants to spend time with us and understand our strategy,” added Johnson. “We intend to build Mirant’s global brand into a significant and powerful identity that resonates from its employee culture outward.” Mirant currently employs 10,000 people worldwide.

Trone Atlanta, a unit of Trone Advertising in Greensboro, N.C., had the inside track in the review. The agency is made up of former personnel of Pollack Levitt & Partners in Atlanta, which held Georgia Power’s advertising account from 1996 to 2000. Georgia Power is asubsidiary of the Southern Co.

“The best story is the rebirth of those involved in Pollack,” said agency president Jackson Houk, referring to Trone Advertising’s purchase of PL&P last November. “We added fresh blood and were able to take what was a tough situation and give it a happy ending.”

Ads developed before the review break this week in The Wall Street Journal. A print and Internet campaign targeted to “Wall Street, customers, political influentials and Mirant’s employee base” debuts in the fourth quarter, said Houk.