Mintz & Hoke Touts Job Services

Mintz & Hoke has introduced a campaign that invites job seekers to peruse the Hartford Courant’s classified section or the affiliated Web site, no matter what their needs might be.

Five print ads, which are running mainly in the newspaper itself, reveal various employment goals of different “typical” Courant readers. Individual ads feature people in Hartford, Conn.’s Bushnell Park, walking on the city’s thoroughfares, eating in cafés or traveling in cars on highways. The tagline is, “Whatever works for you.”

One execution carries the headline, “Pounding the pavement for something better? Join the club.” It shows people crossing a busy intersection at rush hour. Their faces and bodies are blurred, but a word bubble above each person’s head is crystal clear. “Needs a management job,” reads one. “Needs a full-time job,” notes another. “Needs a buy-my-girlfriend-a-diamond job,” reads a third.

Copy at the bottom of the ad directs readers to the Courant’s classifieds or Careerbuilder.

Humorous radio ads that are breaking in various Connecticut markets feature men and women trading lines about the kinds of jobs they want, along with preferred perks, such as company cars and parking spaces.

The work targets active and passive job seekers and began rolling out last week, said a representative at Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn. The Courant is a unit of Tribune Co., which is a co-owner of Careerbuilder, along with Gannett and Knight-Ridder.