Miller tour

Miller Brewing is launching a program in April to promote its long-neck bottled Miller Genuine Draft brand.

The MGD Jet Tour will offer people the chance to attend “unique music performances,” in four cities across the United States, a representative of the Milwaukee brewer said.

Chicago will be the hub of the tour, which includes stops in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Unlike Miller’s Blind Date promotion, where winners don’t know what band they will be watching until the curtain goes up, participants in the Jet Tour will know in advance what shows they will attend, the representative said.

Handling creative for the Jet Tour is Zipatoni in St. Louis, Miller’s lead promo shop. Encore in Canada is executing the event’s “prize fulfillment,” the representative said.

To win, a numeric code will be placed on MGD’s labels. Participants peel the label to reveal the code then visit, punch in the code and see if they are a winner. “We are pitching it as an ‘appeal to reveal’ type of program,” the representative said.