Miller Goes In-House for ‘Ultimate’ Effort

CHICAGO Miller Brewing is positioning its flagship Lite brand as the “Ultimate” beer in the category with new advertising breaking during the NCAA basketball tournament.

The spots, which were created in-house, exude simplicity, showing a “beer wall” of amber liquid and on-screen text comparing the beer’s calories and carbohydrate count to Bud Light, proclaiming Miller Lite the “ultimate light beer by design.” They continue to use the brand’s “Good call” tagline.

“We’re are taking a ‘hard right turn’ back to the core essence of Miller Lite, which has always been about differentiating Miller Lite from competitors as a better beer,” said client chief marketing office Randy Ransom, in a statement. “The new ads demonstrate our ability to move with speed and conviction. And we like the flexibility that these simple formats provide to quickly customize our messaging for a variety of media.”

The spots replace a campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami. Those ads focused on the intentional incorrect spelling of “Lite,” noting that if you were drinking a beer that had G-H-T in its name, you weren’t drinking the original.

MDC agency Crispin is currently at work on a campaign to succeed it’s “Man Laws” effort, which attempted to create a set of rules for male behavior involving beer.

Milwaukee-based Miller spent $165 million in domestic media touting its Lite brand last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.