Millennium Fever

Kia Motors offers up its own definition of Y2K in two new TV spots announcing special prices for its Sephia and Sportage models.
Created by Goldberg Moser O’Neill, San Francisco, the spots suggest Y2K actually stands for “Yes2Kia.” One (shown here) follows a couple stocking up an underground shelter with items such as canned meat and two-ply toilet tissue. A tabloid-type reporter gives viewers at home a glimpse inside the shelter. After spying the stockpile, he says, “Wow, two-ply! You guys really are prepared.”
He then tells the couple they should stock up on Kia vehicles instead.
Taking it just a bit further, GMO included in its media kits a roll of generic two-ply toilet paper with the label, “Y2K is coming. Be prepared.”
-Jane Irene Kelly