Midas Tells Motorists to Fear Not

DETROIT Midas is launching a pair of television spots urging consumers to keep their vehicles tuned, playing on two common worries: the concern of being stranded and the typical adolescent fear of being caught breaking curfew.

The two 30-second commercials, via DDB in Chicago, are a continuation of the company’s “Trust” campaign that began in March 2004. “Be safe. Trust the Midas touch” is the tagline that ends both ads.

One of the spots, “Busted,” which began running this week on network sports and entertainment programming, features a teenage couple in a clunker pulling into her driveway, obviously late and hoping to avoid detection, waking up her parents with the car’s squeaky brakes.

“Waiting” will hit the airwaves next week, and it shows a young boy, bored and anxious, waiting for his mother to pick him up after school. The spot cuts to his mother, who is trying without success to start her car.

Midas will run one-page ads in People and Sports Illustrated beginning in mid-May and ending in September, alternating between the two Time Warner publications each week.

Since the current campaign began, Midas has spent roughly 97 percent of its total ad spend—$81 million of $85 million for 2004 and 2005—on television, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.