MEN’S SHOES, WOMEN’S VIEWS: 89% Wouldn’t Drink Champagne from Your Wing Tips

If the wide-ranging survey of attractiveness was too general for your tastes, here’s a narrower look at the topic.
Johnston & Murphy, the Nashville-based shoe company, recently got 500 women to answer a telephone survey about their likes and dislikes in men’s shoes. (Why these women had nothing better to do is not disclosed.) The chart indicates that the casually shod fare better with women than the formally shod. More than 40% of respondents agreed that ‘a man’s shoes say a lot about his personality,’ although 25.4% pick out their man’s shoes when he needs a new pair and another 40.1% exercise power of approval – which seems to mean that a man’s shoes say a lot about the woman’s personality.
Anyhow, 12.2% said they’ve declined a date because they disliked the fellow’s shoes while 39.5% admitted they’ve thrown a shoe at a man and a daring 9.4% would drink champagne from a man’s shoe.
What Kind of Shoes Is He Wearing?
Wing tips 7.6%
Slip-ons 13.6%
Loafers 21.8%
Laced shoes 10.8%
Sneakers 21.8%
Boat shoes 9.2%
Other 14.0%
Don’t know 1.4%
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