Now this is intrepid reporting.

A 30-second TV spot by GráficaAdvertising, a company of Chester, N.J.-based GráficaGroup, takes a “newsy” approach to tout New Jersey Lottery’s Mega Millions game (successor to The Big Game)—complete with a “reporter” and a ticker.

The new ad, part of a campaign that also includes a 15-second spot, breaks on May 15. It opens with Ray Charles singing, “There’s something big coming from New Jersey Lottery.” Then, a “Special Mega-Alert” appears. “Attention, New Jersey,” says a voiceover. “A Mega Millions advi sory is now in effect.”

Cut to the reporter, who is standing outside a store as folks rush in and out with tickets; a ticker runs beneath him. “This just in,” he says. “The Big Game from New Jersey Lottery is now Mega Millions. We’ve been told jackpots can reach up to $500 million.”

Then a guy stands next to the reporter and waves his tickets. “As you can see,” says the reporter, “it’s mega-madness throughout New Jersey. Prepare yourself. Mega-jackpots are hitting now.”

The spot ends with a call to action: “Mega-millionaires wanted.”

“We wanted to make it as authentic as possible,” said Corey Korpita, shop associate creative director, noting the ad was shot with a news camera.