McDonald’s “Commute”

An ice-cold, whip-cream-topped coffee drink usually does make everything feel better. But no matter how good McDonald’s new McCafe coffee is, it is not going to turn a morning commute into something spectacular. This commercial, the first spot in the fast-food chain’s advertising blitz promoting McCafe, follows a woman on her way to work, where she runs into people who have one of those coffee cups in their hands and are smiling pleasantly. While she gets bounced around on a crowded shuttle with no available seats, a woman on the shuttle is enjoying her coffee from a comfortable seat. (Wish a cup of coffee was enough to get me on a seat on the subway.) All the while, a female voiceover contrasts the sadder coffee-less experience with the cheery McCafe version. At her cubicle, the woman finally gets her McD’s caffeine boost thanks to a co-worker. Like I said, the right treat like an iced mocha can perk up a moment, but this execution doesn’t give me a reason to believe McDonald’s is the place to get it. The wordplay (hinging on the pronunciation of the “e” in “McCafe”) and comparisons feel tiresome by the end. –Eleftheria Parpis