M/C/C Reaches Out for Telecom Data

DALLAS M/C/C breaks a print campaign this month for Accudata Technologies that aims to attract new telecommunication customers.

The Dallas shop, which won the account of the Allen, Texas-based telecom data services company more than a year ago, has worked closely with Accudata since the client changed its name from Revenue Communications last February.

As part of the client’s branding process, M/C/C has redone Accudata’s Web site and logo, and provided promotional materials, direct mail and a stationery package. The client previously handled its advertising in-house, shop president Mike Crawford said.

“We took Accudata through their positioning process and researched their customers and prospects,” Crawford said. “Our understanding of the Accudata client allows this campaign to be very targeted and successful.”

The print ad features the headline, “We need information, damn it. And we’re willing to pay for it.” The body text of the ad goes on to say, “At Accudata, we operate one of only 12 active LIDBs (line information databases) in North America, which we use for storing customer data. Obviously, the more we store in our own LIDB, the more profitable we can be. That’s why we’re willing to pay for your information. And at the same time, save you the storage costs.”

Accudata’s biggest competitors are SBC and Verizon. By serving as an access hub for validating information about telephone numbers, Crawford said Accudata is looking to provide a more flexible option for telecom customers.

The print ad will run in the Telephony and Xchange trade magazines from September to January. Additional magazine buys may follow, the shop said. The campaign also includes a HTML newsletter that will be sent out this month.

The executive management target audience includes ILECs (incumbent local exchange carriers), CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers) and independent phone companies.

Crawford said billings for the campaign are “less than a million.”